Frequently Asked Questions

We often get calls, emails and contact form submissions asking similar questions. To save you time before you contact us. Here are the most common questions and answers.
Q. What Types Of Land And Buildings Do You Buy?
A: We consider a range of property, everything from unused gardens, building conversions, barns, farmhouses, and crumbling outbuildings, to overgrown and seemingly inhospitable land. When inspecting the asset, we can work out whether we can add value and how much time and expense that will take, allowing us to make you a sensible offer.
Q: Where is Haysom based?
Q: How much experience does Haysom have?
Q: Do you offer commissions to estate agents, land finders or professionals that might know someone?
Q: Do your inspections cost anything?
Q: Will I have any legal or planning fees to pay?
Q: How much can I expect to receive?
Q: How Can I Contact Haysom?


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