Haysom Can Source, Assess And Add Value

To Land And Properties In The UK

Haysom source sites and land development opportunities that you won’t find on the open market.

We have featured in The Week, Country Life and The Daily Telegraph for our exclusive and unique developments.

We have 40+ years of combined experience in Development and Construction, Acquisitions and Sourcing, Operations and Relationships and Accounting.

You see, our experiences and skills give us the scope to understand the complexities of planning policy and development.

This experience and our network of connections enable us to plan detailed
assessments of how to maximise land and property values.

Our aim is to source sites with redevelopment and development potential and to add value to those sites.

Our vision is to realise our design into site-specific and well thought out properties for a range of end users.

To date, we’ve tackled some unusual and challenging projects that still deliver outstanding value and a consistent income.

If you have land or property to sell and you're looking for a cash buyer.

Please call + 44 (0) 1743 850 944 or complete the contact form here.

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+ 44 (0) 1743 850 944

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